Since 1958 producer
of Sock knitting machines

About Us
A farsighted entrepreneurial skills

The company committed from its starts to the invention of innovative and courageous solutions with talent, intelligence and far­sightedness that grant to the company a cutting – edge position in the international sock­knitting machines market.

The founder Cesare Colosio revolutionized the market of the single­cylinder machines and made a name for itself in the national and international scenario.

Fabiana and Gianfranco Colosio have been leading the company for 30 years with the same expertise and passion of their father, they keep on inventing and patenting original models, designed and created thanks to the skills of the different professional figures developed inside the company.

The Colosio cutting – edge machines still represent a reference point in the sock ­ knitting machine industry.

Company history
Since 1958 producers
of sock­knitting machines

The sock­knitting machines industry founded by 22­year old Cesare Colosio in his father's farm overhauls at first old models and then starts producing new machines with the passion and willingness to work hard that characterized the Italian economical rebirth.

Cesare Colosio, an entrepreneur with spirit of initiative and a genial inventor, was able to anticipate trends and future needs and to convert his ideas into futuristic and efficient machines. His ambition has been inherited by his children and was essential to overcome the latest economic crisis.

Fabiana and Gianfranco Colosio target the research and the development of their products with the help of the priceless expertise of the people who have been working in the factory for fifty years. Fabiana and Gianfranco have strengthened the family brand and invented the closed ­toe system and the revolutionary S1M, both Colosio's exclusive patents.

The handover of the business to the younger generation has been marked by the restyling of the communication and company image.

Mission & Vision
Planning for the present
while looking to the future.

Aim of the restless technological development of the company is to design and produce high quality innovative machines able to guarantee for the customer the maximum efficiency and flexibility.

For over 50 years in the Rezzato workshop have been designed and produced technologically advanced machines in order to ensure the manufactoring companies a real competitive advantage. The target is to guarantee the automation of the manufacturing process together with quality, production reliability and constant productivity.

Innovation and continuos research

1978 the first Colosio patent, the “C410” machine for the production of the diamond pattern (argyle) Burlington style socks, makes the Colosio brand famous all over the world.

Cesare Colosio keeps on researching and transforms his machine in a new one designing the “Magica” the first fully electronic sock­knitting machine in the world.

In the 90's the innovations are: the remote control through modem connection and the new system of needle selection through electromagnets still used today on all the models in production.

The younger Colosio generation keeps on researching, realizes the “closed toe” system and starts the women production with the “Panty” machine.

The circular argyle machine for the production of seamless uppers is Colosio's latest goal.